Research Group on Prevention and Health in Exercise and Sport.

We work in the study of sport and physical activity from the point of view of health and functionality. In addition to disseminating and transmitting research solutions in different fields, whether academic, professional or social. We like to serve all population centers: high-level athletes, sedentary people, active young and old adults, people with special needs, etc. For all these reasons, we identify ourselves by using quantitative methodologies of experimental research.

Research Group on Prevention and Health in Exercise and Sport

The present research group, officially recognized as GIUV2015-226, is a group that forms after having collaborated previously, in some cases, for more than a decade. As a result of this, the preparation of numerous doctoral theses, master’s and degree theses, as well as many other scientific papers presented at international conferences, has generally been carried out. Notably, it can be indicated that research projects obtained in public calls are currently being undertaken jointly by their members. It should be noted that as a result of the hard previous work of its researchers, hundreds of articles have been published and are indexed in the Journal Citation Reports. The research activity of this group focuses on the analysis and development of protocols and activities of conditioning and physical exercise that can have positive effects on health, and its preservation, in different groups, that is, from athletes to sedentary people. The concept of health that is analyzed in this group is one that integrates the holistic conception of the human being, that is, it contemplates the physical, psychological and social dimensions, addressing how physical exercise can prevent disease and enhance health in such disparate social segments. and in all types of populations as well as populations with special needs (physically, psychically and sensory disabled, people with metabolic, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, psychological, etc.), as well as humans in their different evolutionary moments as This is the case of childhood, adolescence, adulthood (special processes in it such as pregnancy, pre and postmenopause) and old age.

Important milestones that are intended to be evaluated, and which are already being the result of study, are the influence of physical exercise and sport, as well as its absence, on oxidative stress, the immune system, the lipid profile, the perception of well-being, cognitive, social and personality impairment, acute and chronic pain, body composition (fat, muscle mass and bone mass), and motor and functional performance. Together with these milestones, the research action also aims to evaluate what type of programs, materials and aspects of food supplementation could be more effective and safer to improve general health and promote motor performance. On all these milestones discussed, the group carries out an outstanding work of investigative training, contributing to the teaching of the «Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport», the «Master’s Degree in Research and Intervention in Physical Activity Sciences and Sport «, as well as in the» Doctoral Program in Physical Activity and Sport «. The group has research staff in training and frequently welcomes students from other national and international universities, who carry out research stays. For all these reasons, the group guarantees its competence to continue its lines of research and to transmit scientific knowledge to the professional and scientific community.

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Group Director: PhD. Juan Carlos Colado